Tom Schirm Fish Carvings

"It is my passion to bring the beauty of God's creation into your home."

About the Artist

He began working with the art of fish carving because he has always loved nature and working with wood. It seemed a natural blending of two of his passions to carve in wood the splendor he observes in nature.

Tom chose fish as his primary subjects because of their beauty and grace of movement. He attempts to show his love of nature in the detail of the carving and painting of his fish and the habitat in which they are displayed.‚Äč

Tom Schirm
P.O. Box 292 Dayton, WA 99328
Phone (509) 629-1211

Tom Schirm has been a professional in the fish and wildlife field for over 40 years as a game warden and habitat biologist in Wyoming and Washington. He has worked at protecting fish, wildlife, and their habitats his entire career.